Weight difference sparks controversy after Jorge Masvidal's boxing defeat to Nate Diaz

'Jesus das Ruas' arrived much heavier than 'bad boy' on the day of the fight

Weight difference sparks debate after Jorge Masvidal's boxing defeat to Nate Diaz. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@realfightinc

Weight difference generates debate after defeat Jorge masvidal for Nate diaz in boxing. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@realfightinc

The rematch between Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal, held last Saturday (6), at the 'Real Fight Inc' boxing event, in Anaheim, California, was marked by a crucial detail in addition to the fierce dispute inside the ring: the difference in weight between the athletes.

At the official weigh-in, held on Friday (5), Masvidal weighed 79,5 kg, while Nate weighed 79,7 kg. However, the difference of 200 grams at the time of weighing increased on the day of the fight, with the 'bad boy' weighing 86,3 kg and the 'Jesus das Ruas' weighing in at 92,6 kg, a discrepancy of almost 6,4 kg.


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It is worth mentioning that, despite the difference in weight, the fight was competitive and exciting from start to finish. Nate, known for his style of volume of blows, put pressure on Masvidal throughout the ten rounds, while the American looked for more powerful and precise blows to try to knock out his opponent.

In the end, Diaz's victory by majority decision (95-95, 97-93, 98-92) crowned the American as the winner of the rematch, consolidating his rivalry with 'Jesus das Ruas' and opening up new possibilities for the future of both in noble art.


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