WEC-36 releases fighter salaries

The Florida State Athletic Commission released the scholarships paid to fighters who participated in WEC-36, held last Wednesday. The biggest purse went to the tormentor of Paul Philo, Chael Sonnen, which earned just over 48 thousand dollars. including a portion of the Brazilian's scholarship, who was forced to give up part of his salary because he was unable to make weight.

Mike Brown: $18,000 (including $9,000 win bonus)
derrotou Urijah faber: $ 14,000

Chael Sonnen: $48,250 (including $19,000 win bonus)*
derrotou Paul Philo: $30,750*


Leonard Garcia: $20,000 (including $10,000 win bonus)
defeated Jens Pulver: $33,000

Jake Rosholt: $22,000 (including $11,000 win bonus)
defeated Nissen Osterneck: $4,000


Donald Cerrone: $14,000 (including $7,000 win bonus)
defeated Rob McCullough: $18,000

Aaron Simpson: $10,000 (including $5,000 win bonus)
defeated David Avellan: $3,000


Jose aldo: $8,000 (including $4,000 win bonus)
defeated Jonathan Brookings: $3,000

Carmelo Marrero: $8,000 (including $4,000 win bonus)
defeated Steve Steinbess: $6,000

Danny Castillo: $6,000 (including $3,000 win bonus)
defeated Rafael Dias: $3,000


Rani Yayha: $12,000 (including $6,000 win bonus)
defeated Yoshiro Maeda: $6,000

Paul Philo gave 25% of the value of his scholarship to Chael Sonnen, for not being able to make the weight

Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC


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