Eduardo Pamplona vs. Daniel Acacio at Santos Fight Festival

The organization of the Santos Fight Festival, which takes place on December 6th, in Santos (SP), announced this Wednesday another one of the event's attractions. In addition to the São Paulo x Rio challenge, the show will feature a superfight that will pit Eduardo Pamplona from São Paulo and Daniel Acácio from Curitiba face to face.

“I expect a tough fight, Daniel is a dangerous athlete, but I'm ready to win. It's a fight I really wanted. It was supposed to happen last year, but at the time I was injured. When they offered Daniel Acácio, it was a fight that we immediately accepted, because it was a fight we wanted to do”, said Pamplona, ​​who already imagines what the challenge will be like.

“I think it will stand. If it’s up to me it will be like this and with a lot of movement, always moving upwards. I’m training well and I’m going to get to the top of my game”, he said.


Acácio is coming off two consecutive victories, at WFE and Mr. Cage. If it depends on him, it will really be a fight with a lot of striking.

“I want to put on a show for all the Santos guys and put on a great fight. I hope Pamplona accepts the exchange. I've been waiting for this fight for a long time. It was supposed to happen and now it won’t be possible”, said Acácio.



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