Rio Mineirinho Circuit defines champions

The fourth stage of the Rio Mineirinho Circuit, which was held yesterday at the Club Municipal gym, in Tijuca, decided the champions of the 2008 FJJE-Rio ranking. In addition, the fighter who will receive the ticket to the United States was announced, a prize for the brown or black belt athlete who scored the most in the rankings. Fiercely disputed between the brown Thiago Oliveira (GFT) and the black Rafael Barbosa “Formiga” (Soul Fighters), the prize was in the hands of Thiago.

As a light black belt, “Formiga” ended up defeated in the semifinals, in a very tough fight against Vinicius Marinho (GFT), lost by advantages. With this elimination, it was up to Thiago to win his category, and that's what happened. The fighter closed the heavy brown fight with his partner Rudolph Vieira and passed his opponent in the overall score. In the brown absolute, Thiago also closed with his teammate Rodolfo. This feat earned the fighter, in addition to his ticket to the USA, a new graduation on his waist, the black belt.

Actor from “Formiga”, Vinicius Marinho did well at the event. In addition to finishing the lightweight division with teammate Denílson Pimenta, he reached the absolute final, having placed second in this category as well.


But the main individual highlight at black belt was Leandro Ataídes (Nova União), gold in the absolute and super heavyweight. In the weight category, Ataídes finished the first fight with a choke from the side. In the final, he beat Mauro Paolino (Soul Fighters) with a takedown, in a well-fought fight. In the absolute, the Nova União representative first faced Denílson Pimenta, who had fought previously and ended up defeated by Ataídes with a fall. In the final, against Vinicius Marinho, another well-fought fight, decided in favor of Ataídes by the judge after the draw on advantages.

In the black belt featherweight category, the best was André Dreyfuss (GFT / Vinicius Amaral), who defeated Lendro Manhães (GFT) on advantages. In the featherweight division, Richard Flood (GFT) submitted Bruno Barbosa (Fight Club) with a choke from the back and secured, in addition to the gold, victory in the rankings. Flavio Serafin (Serafin was JJ) was the best in the black medium. After submitting his first opponent with a cow hand, he beat Marcio Romão (Soul Fighters) in the final with two takedowns against one punishment (4 to 2). In the ultra-heavyweight division, the gold went to Ricardo Evangelista (GFT). The fighter had two fights and, in the final, defeated Daniel Almeida “Jacaré” on advantages.


Overall, the winning academy of the stage was Nova União, followed by Sardella and GFT in third.


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