Hacran Dias in the Santos Fight Festival Rio-SP challenge

Hacran punishes his opponent in guard

Hacran Dias, from Rio de Janeiro, is another athlete selected for the SP x RJ challenge, at the Santos Fight Festival, the fighter who is undefeated in MMA faces Marcos Babuino (SP – Gold Team). The SFF takes place on December 6th, at the Mendes Convention Center, in the city of Santos.

Hacran is preparing for another challenge. Cousin of Marlon Sandro, who is champion of the Japanese organization PANCRASE and is also undefeated in MMA, the fighter will defend the family's hegemony.


“It will be a good fight. Babuino is a tough opponent too and I hope to put on a good show so that the crowd will enjoy my fight. I'm training a lot in the stand-up, wrestling and submission aspects, and I hope to be able to continue with the stand-up fight. Let’s see what happens”, commented the Nova União representative.

Regarding the idea of ​​the SFF promoting a challenge between São Paulo and Rio, Hacran is yet another to approve the initiative.


“I thought this idea was great, because I believe it will attract a large audience. I think this initiative of a Rio versus São Paulo challenge was very well thought out. There will be a bit of that rivalry between the cities, but everything in sport. Nothing that goes to the bad side, just sport. I know there will be a very strong crowd for them, since we will be away from home, but I hope the people from Rio come back with lots of victories”, commented the fighter.

In addition to the MMA fights, the Santos Fight Festival will feature preliminary jiu-jitsu, muay thai, boxing and submission fights, which will feature Chute Boxe representative and former BBB member Marcelo Zulu against Matheus Serafim (Brasa).



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