Santos Fight Festival rocks Santos this Saturday

Almost everything is ready for the Santos Fight Festival, an event that will rock the city of Santos this Saturday, December 6th. Highlight is the challenge between fighters from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, two of the main cities training MMA athletes in the world.

An interesting fact about the challenge is that athletes from rival gyms will be side by side, who have already faced each other. For the Rio team, for example, Marcos Bicudinho (BTT) recently faced Julian Jabá (RFT), who in turn fought against Aloísio Dado (Gracie Barra). But this time, everyone will be in the same crowd.

“I've always really admired the work of Jabá, Hacran and Dado and other guys on the team. I'm very happy and whatever I can do to make Rio champion, I'll do. If we have to fight in the future, it will be a professional thing and we will continue our friendship. We will be rooting for each other, for sure. In the Rio team, I think everyone will win”, commented Bicudinho, who is on a streak of two victories. The Brazilian Top Team fighter will face Sergio Vieira (Gibi Thai/Casquinha) and guarantees to be prepared.


“The training was very intense. I studied my opponent's game a lot, I know what his strengths and mine are and I'm going to finish. He can prepare and I’ll finish,” he said confidently.

In the interviews that preceded the event, strong statements between representatives of both states were avoided. With the fights approaching, it seems that the atmosphere has already started to heat up.


“This challenge was a really cool idea and I think they will do more events with the team that wins. It's going to be great to beat the guys from São Paulo. We have already beaten them in other sports, we will win again and the rivalry continues”, concluded Bicudinho.

Check out the current card:


SP x RJ Challenge

– Flavio Alvaro (Macaco) x Aloisio Dado (Gracie Barra);
– Marcus Babuino (Macaco) x Hacran Dias (Nova União);
– Sergio Vieira (Gibi Thai/Casquinha) x Marcos Bicudinho (BTT);
– Marcio Bronx (Macaco/Bronx) x Paulo Bananada (TFT);
– Alexandre Baby (TFT) x Marcelo Toledo Colat (Nine Nine Faction);
– Carlos Caiçara (Brasa/Galvão Brothers) x Zorababel Moreira (Gracie Fusion);
– Rodrigo Ruiz (Check Mat) x Julian Jabá (RFT);

Super fights


– Allan Frois x Alexandre Sagat;
– Eduardo Pamplona (Gibi Thai/Casquinha) x Daniel Acácio (Daniel Acácio Team);

Jiu Jitsu

– Evandro Pena (Guigo) x Nivaldo Oliveira (Nil) (Cavaca/Check Mat);
– Rail (Checkmat/Cavaca) x Naja (Macaco Gold Team);


– Marcello Zulu (Chute Boxe) x Matheus Serafim (Brasa);

Muay Thai

– Diego Gaucho (Macaco/Munil Adriano) x Diego Sebastião (Thai Center);

Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC


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