Arthur Virgilio requests applause for Lyoto Machida in the senate

One of the country's most influential senators, Artur Virgilio, requested a vote of applause for Lyoto Machida in the federal senate, due to the title won at UFC-98, on May 23rd. A jiu-jitsu black belt and in-depth knowledge of MMA, Arthur Virgilio made references to the Brazilian's fight.

“This fight was the main one. And the Brazilian's achievement was all the more important because it was the first defeat suffered by the North American. It was an unquestionable victory from a technical point of view. Lyoto demonstrated poise and patience to find, in himself, aggression and explosive power,” he said.

Arthur Virgilio is a senator elected by the PSDB of Amazonas and a black belt trained by master Carlson Gracie.



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