Luciano Azevedo comments on his chance at Bitetti Combat

Luciano Azevedo

Some of the fighters who will be part of the Bitetti Combat card, which takes place on September 12th, in Rio de Janeiro, have already been announced. They are RFT representatives Luciano Azevedo and Leonardo Chocolate. Coming off two international victories, Luciano is happy to fight again in his country and hopes that MMA in Brazil will be more recognized after the event named after black belt Amaury Bitetti.

“Expectations are high. The event has everything to be the best Brazil has ever had, at Maracanãzinho, and only with famous fighters. So I feel very privileged that they remembered me,” he said.


“I see this very well, because it will be an international show. I think it will change the view that many people here still have about MMA. Many still don't have a complete idea of ​​what our sport is like, and the event will clearly publicize this. The UFC has a lot of fans in the United States, with pay-per-view stronger than boxing, and I think they want to open this path here in Brazil. If it’s really the way they’re saying, they’ll make it,” he added.

Bitetti Combat will also announce many other fighters and the tendency is for Brazilian fighters to face foreign opponents. In a ceremony with the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral, the complete card will be presented



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