Beetle wins at WOCS 4

Luis Besouro celebrates victory at WOCS 4

With 10 professional fights and two amateur fights, WOCS 4 brought good presentations to the public who attended the Clube Oásis, in Barra da Tijuca (RJ), this Thursday (June 25). Among the main highlights of Tatá Duarte and Phillipe Lima's event, the victories of Luis Besouro, Felipe Olivieri, Hernani Perpétuo and Artur Gogó came in very busy disputes. The women's fight also excited the public, with the victory of Claudia gadelha.

Beetle's Return
Away from the ring due to injuries, Luis Besouro returned in great shape. Against Rodrigo Ximbica, the RFT fighter was sharp in his striking, landing good blows. After getting a few takedowns, in complete control of the fight, Besouro landed a katagatame to finish, still in the first round. “I went through a lot of problems and I'm a hard-working guy, who works a lot”, said Márcio Cromado's pupil, still in the ring, very emotional.


Felipe Olivieri and the fight against the idol
In the fight between strikers, Olivieri changed his strategy against Alex Cobra. After a few moments of exchanges, the Boxe Thai/Nova União representative tried to put the fight on the ground. And the tactic worked. After punishing him with ground and pound, Felipe moved to the back and submitted him with a rear naked choke in the opening round. “He is a muay thai legend and it was a great honor to face Cobra. But we fought MMA and I did what was best to win. That was my third WOCS win,” he said.

Hernani and the knockout against Wendel Negão
The fight started very busy and, against an athlete with great striking technique, Wendel soon looked for a takedown. Hernani opened a cut on his eyebrow and, after a medical break, returned with great energy. After knocking him down with a well-aimed cross, he continued attacking Wendel until the referee stopped him.


Gogó and Jacaré: black belts in action
Big names in the main jiu-jitsu competitions, Artur Gogó and Deniel Jacaré had a very competitive fight. During the first two rounds, both managed takedowns and reversed positions. Gogó was better at striking in the three rounds and, in the last stage, he was on top on the ground, when he worked in half guard. In the end, victory by unanimous decision for Artur, who, since returning to the ring, at WOCS 3, has already accumulated three victories. “I hope to end the year as one of the highlights of my category in Brazil”, he said.

The girls' turn
Claudia gadelha showed why she is a three-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion. With good takedowns, he tried to take Juliana de Sousa to the ground. At home, since the ground floor is her specialty, after throwing a few punches she dominated the arm and applied a tight armbar. “I'm very happy for the chance the event gave the girls. I hope that other promoters open their eyes, because women's fights abroad are already a success”, commented André Pederneiras' pupil.


Too many fights
Rafael Primo once again showed good jiu-jitsu to beat Willian Parrudinho. After working from below, in guard, Rafael fell on top, took his back and punched his opponent. Willian still complained that the punches were to the back of the head, but the referee didn't interpret it that way and Primo won by technical knockout. Paulo Bananada managed to get a takedown in three rounds, working well with ground and pound to beat Francis Guildi by unanimous decision. Bananada's TFT teammate, Lucas Bob Esponja dominated the first round against Alexandre Cobra, when he mounted and punched. In the second half, he finished with an armbar. Julio Cesar Merenda and Danilo Rocha had a well-fought fight. While the first was better at striking, the second dominated on the ground and, in the end, a draw was declared. Leandro Costa started well, but Paulinho Roberto landed a guillotine choke and submitted him after pulling guard. In the amateur fights, Rodrigo Ratinho won once again. After a disputed first round, he went all out in the second stage and won by unanimous decision. In the other amateur fight, Victor Pepi submitted him with an armbar in the first round.

Check out all the results:

Professional fights
– Luis Besouro (RFT) submitted Rodrigo Ximbica (Gracie Fusion SP/Veras MT) with a katagatame in 1st R
- Felipe Olivieri (Nova União/Boxe Thai) submitted Alex Cobra (Thai Center/Cavaca) with a rear naked choke in the 1st R
– Hernani Perpétuo (Nova União) beat Wendel Negão (Gracie Fusion/Mangueira) by TKO in 1st R
– Arthur Gogó (Gracie Fusion) beat Deniel Almeida Jacaré (Bruno Bastos/Nova União) by unanimous decision
- Claudia gadelha (Nova União) submitted Juliana de Sousa (Brigadeiro) with an armbar in the 1st R
– Rafael Primo (Minotauro Team) beat Willian Parrudinho (BTT) by TKO in 2nd R
– Paulo Bananada (TFT) beat Francis Guildi (Relma) by unanimous decision
– Lucas Bob Esponja (TFT) submitted Alexandre Cobra (Relma) with an armbar in the 2nd R
– Julio Cesar Merenda (TFT) and Dnilo Rocha (GFTeam) drew
– Paulinho Roberto (Brigadeiro) x Leandro Costa (BTT)


Amateur fights

– Rodrigo Ratinho (TFT) beat Jamilson Silva (Infight) by unanimous decision
– Victor Pepi (TFT) submitted Bruno Sabino (Top Brother) with an armbar in the 1st R

Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC


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