Chris Weidman points out 'special motivation' after controversial knockout over Bruno Blindado

Excited after his victory at UFC Atlantic City, the former middleweight champion said that last Saturday's triumph (30) made him decide to retire from MMA

The victory over Bruno Blindado at UFC Atlantic City brought new enthusiasm to the former middleweight champion (under 83,9kg) Chris Weidman. In a press conference after the event last Saturday (30), the North American assured that he still has a lot of wood to burn in the organization and stated that he is not yet thinking about retiring.

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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I still think I have a lot of potential, I've had a lot of adversity and I still think I have wood to burn. So, until I think I don't have it anymore, I'll be here. It's fun. I still have my brain, my appearance. Until one of these things starts to go away, I'm here, man. I was made to do this. I've been doing it for a long time. I considered retiring many times. I think if I lost tonight, if I didn't have my hand raised, it could be my last time fighting. I had that in mind. If I had been there and thought, 'I don't have this anymore,' I could have put the gloves down. But it didn’t happen, I won and I’m here,” said Weidman.

Former champion of the under-84kg division, the 'All-American' won an Ultimate fight again after almost four years. Before knocking out Bruno Blindado at UFC Atlantic City, held last Saturday (30), Weidman's last triumph had been over Omari Akhmedov in August 2020.


Chris Weidman (right) defeated B. Armored (left). Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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