EXCLUSIVE: Serious mistake? Mário Yamasaki, Brazilian ex-UFC referee, explains what happened in Blindado x Weidman

Mário Yamasaki analyzes the move and says what Gary Copeland, referee of the match, could have done differently

Emotion and controversy marked the fight between Bruno Blindado e Chris Weidman at UFC Atlantic City. The fight, valid for the middleweight category (up to 83,9kg), ended with the North American's victory by unanimous decision, but the result was contested by many, including former Ultimate referee, Mário Yamasaki.

In an exclusive interview to SUPER FIGHTS channel on YouTube, Yamasaki blasted the fight's refereeing and stated that referee Gary Copeland was wrong in not punishing Weidman for his illegal finger strikes to Blindado's eye. According to Mário, the former champion should have received at least one penalty point, or even been disqualified.


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“The first mistake was from Blindado. When you referee a fight, you tell the fighters that, if an accident happens that you can't see, they have to defend themselves until you stop the fight and check what happened. Blindado's mistake was turning around and falling to the ground, hoping the referee had seen what happened. Apparently he didn't see it. In his decision there, he was wrong, as it was the fourth time that (Weidman) gave the finger. I would have had to at least take one point off,” said Weidman.

Was Bruno Blindado harmed?

Mário Yamasaki then criticized Copeland's decision not to give an intentional foul and, in addition to him, part of the MMA community also questions the result of the fight.


“When he saw the replay, he went back and, in my opinion, gave an unintentional foul. The rule says that, when you are in the third round, an unintentional foul goes on the scorecard (judges' score). What I think the referee made a mistake was not taking a point or even disqualifying Weidman”, concluded the referee.

Himself Bruno Blindado also manifested itself in interview with SUPER FIGHTS, calling for a rematch against Weidman. The former champion, in turn, declared that the Brazilian 'should have protected himself' to avoid the risk of being knocked out. The New York Athletic Commission (USA) has not yet commented on the matter.

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