Cormier mocks Blindado's reaction and says Weidman deserved to win at UFC Atlantic City

Commentator states that Brazilian used the moment to try to avoid defeat and points out greater dominance of his compatriot in the fight

Daniel Cormier is one of the UFC's main commentators. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Daniel Cormier is one of the UFC's main commentators. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Official UFC commentator, Daniel Cormier did not hesitate to give his opinion on the outcome of the controversial fight between Chris Weidman x Bruno Blindado. Despite the North American landing a series of illegal blows on his opponent, the MMA veteran believes that his compatriot deserved to win over the Brazilian.

“There is a rule in place that if you go past a certain point in the fight, it will be scored. If there is an illegal hit, they call the fight, and if you call that fight, Chris Weidman wins. So, I think the fact that they made it a decision saves the fight, keeping Weidman's victory, because he really deserved the victory because he fought very well. He made an observation that I thought was very important. He said, 'I understand, but Bruno Silva has to understand that you can't fall to the ground and turn your back on the fight, because I'm going to jump on top of you and finish the fight,'” Cormier said on his ESPN show 'Good Guy/Bad Guy'.


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When he continued his speech, Cormier mocked Blindado's reaction and returned to defending Weidman's attitude.

"Chris Weidman He did what his instincts told him, which was to submit Bruno when Bruno reacted the way he reacted to the poke in the eye. I'm only saying that because, to me, it looked like a football player when he gets fouled and he's rolling on the ground when the guy barely touches him. Bruno Silva got hit in the eye, but I think he understood where he was in the fight. He was being defeated. He was losing. He fell on the ground. He reacted the way he was reacting, waiting: 'Wait, stop, stop, stop, touch the eye. There is no dispute'. Instead, Weidman went there and finished him.”


Bruno Blindado (left) gets poked in the eye at UFC Atlantic City. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Clearly bothered by Weidman's illegal strike, Bruno asked the referee to watch the replay to see the rival's penalty. Despite the review, the committee responsible for the event did not disqualify the home athlete and generated great controversy with the decision.

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