Dana White reveals million-dollar loss suffered on a night of gambling with friends

Successful in business, the president of Ultimate gave details of the night he lost US$3 million gambling with friends

Dana White at a press conference after UFC 294. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Known for being a very successful businessman, Dana White has also had his “nights of defeat” in the financial world. In an interview with 'Lex Friman Podcast', the president of Ultimate told details about the night he lost US$3 million (around R$15,1 million) on a night of gambling with friends.

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“I would call it the biggest loss for many different reasons. One night I was in Rio (Las Vegas Nightclub), they have big suites there. I went there with some friends and we caught one, had dinner and started drinking. It started to increase, I was having fun and I decided to go down to the 'high limit room', and started playing. I continued drinking, having a great time, and ended up going home that night and losing, like, $80. I woke up the next morning like, 'S*** These motherfuckers took 80 grand from me last night.' I was at work the next day and the host called me: 'Hey, Dana, are you coming back? Are you still going to use the suite?'. I said, 'No, but don't get excited about my f***ing 80 grand, I'll get it back.' Silence on the other end of the line. Then he said: 'Dana, but you lost US$3 million'. That was a huge learning lesson for me. I never drank while playing cards again after that night,” Dana said.


Dana White has served as president of the UFC since 2001 when brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, his childhood friends, bought the organization. Under the president's command, Ultimate grew globally and today boasts the position of the largest and most important MMA organization in the world.

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