Poatan's executioner in kickboxing, Cesar Almeida promises to make noise in his UFC debut

Scheduled to perform this Saturday (06), at UFC Vegas 90, the Brazilian spoke exclusively to SUPER LUTAS about his journey to Ultimate

Former rival of Alex Poatán, where he has won one in three fights, former WGP kickboxing champion and former first place winner in Glory, Cesar Almeida is just a few days away from making his Ultimate debut after being signed via the Contender Series. In the final stretch for a duel against Dylan Budka, this Saturday (06), at UFC Las Vegas 90, the Brazilian expresses anxiety about moving up the middleweight category (up to 83,9kg.).

In an exclusive interview to SUPER FIGHTS, 'Cesinha', as he is known, spoke about his successful career in kickboxing; he explained why he migrated to MMA; analyzed the next duel and promised to make noise during his time in the organization.


Alex Poatán (left) and Cesar Almeida (right) facing each other at WGP kickboxing. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I am accomplished in kickboxing. I debuted at the WGP, the biggest event in Latin America, in 2012, I was champion in the under-78kg category. I moved up a category, I won the belt in 2017. In 2016 I was world champion in Super Kombat in Romania. I challenged for the belt at Glory, but I had a problem with the scale, unfortunately. I was Glory's number one for a long time. I am accomplished, I reached the top and today I am in the UFC”, said Cesar


Leaving kickboxing for MMA

“The pandemic was a bad time in the world, but it made me want to return to MMA. I had already fought in 2016, when I was training at Pedro Rizzo's gym in Rio de Janeiro and as we were without a fight and Glory wasn't taking it due to the difficulties of the pandemic, I wanted to continue active and fighting and it was a good opportunity to return to MMA”

Cesar Almeida during training. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


Next opponent based on grappling

“When you get to the UFC you don’t have much to choose from. If you want to reach the top, you have to get the best and the ones who have the most difficulty. For me it's motivating to get a wrestling guy that I can test myself on. My fight in Contender allowed me to show that I'm not as stupid (in grappling) as people thought. I've been training for a while, I know how to handle myself. Everyone will want to put me down. I'm a striker like the others in the organization. It's going to be a war of styles. I prepared for this”

Good ground performance in Contender fight

“That was a positive point for me getting the contract. I showed that I'm evolving in MMA, I'm training MMA. I learn things quickly. Regardless of the result, what's to come and who I'm going to fight, I always prepare as much as possible and the level of competition where I am is very high in training. I'm confident that I'll get there fine. The fight starts standing up, if it were to start on the ground it would be a little more difficult, but he will have to put me on the ground to perform”

Cesar Almeida in victory over Lucas Fernandes in Contender. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


Training at Sean Strickland's gym

“Every training session we train together (Strickland). We train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday together. The guys are super cool. Sometimes it shows an image that the guys are a little crazy, but it's a very united team, everyone helps each other. He has no ego. They welcomed me here. Every time I come (to the US) they help me. It's cool, a new experience. In São Paulo I have a good group of people at Lotus MMA too, it’s perfect”

What to expect from Cesar Almeida in the UFC

“I want to make noise. I've fought too much, I don't have much time. It's not that I don't have a lot of time, but I started at an advanced age and people care a lot about that. I feel really good at 36 years old, but realistically I have to make some noise. I want to make a big debut and put names out there. I have to shake things up, it's my moment, I have to fall in and really speak. Otherwise I forget, I think that's natural. I have some things to talk about”

S. Strickland in training with Cesar Almeida. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Towards his debut in the organization, Cesar debuts this Saturday (6) in the middleweight category and faces Dylan Budka No. UFC Las Vegas 90. Currently, the Brazilian has four wins and no defeats in his career in MMA.

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