Prochazka shows discomfort with stoppage of fight against Poatan and asks for title after UFC 300

Former light heavyweight champion changes his speech and argues that he deserves a new opportunity after being wronged; athlete performs on April 13

Jiri Prochazka is a former UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFCEurope

Jiri Prochazka He is a former UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@UFCEurope

After sympathizing with Alex Poatán in the past, Jiri Prochazka demonstrated that he was willing to change his opinions to get closer to a new fight for the light heavyweight title (93kg.). In contradiction to what he had declared after the duel against the Brazilian, the former champion of the category regretted an early interruption in his last defeat and argued that he deserves to fight for the belt after UFC 300.

“I believe that after the last fight, after that early stoppage, I think that if I win next week, I hope and believe that I am capable of winning, I will deserve the title shot,” declared Prochazka in an interview with 'The Schmo'.


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Defeated by technical knockout in UFC 295, Jiri Prochazka he wasted an opportunity to regain the belt he relinquished in 2023. In the second round of the fight, the Czech received a hard blow from his opponent and immediately went to the ground, forcing the referee to interrupt before Poatan continued landing punches from above.

At the time, Prochazka argued that Marc Goddard's decision was correct after the referee became the target of attacks from MMA fans. However, the athlete admits to having changed his perception regarding the fight scenario.

Alex Poatan Jiri Prochazka UFC 295 Instagram UFC Espanol

Jiri Prochazka was knocked out by Alex Poatán No. UFC 295 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Escalated to the UFC 300, Jiri faces Aleksandar rakic in the last fight of the preliminary card. The event is scheduled for April 13th and will take place in Las Vegas (USA) at the T-Mobile Arena.


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