'Belweak' or 'semi-literate'? Popó and Belfort exchange insults amid provocations about boxing fight

Four-time champion remembers ex-UFC's 'gaffe' and gets it reversed on video; check out the confusion

Popó and Vitor Belfort should face each other in boxing. Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS

Popó and Vitor belfort they must face each other in boxing. Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS

The rivalry between Acelino Popó and Vitor belfort It’s not limited to the ring. On social media, former boxing world champions and MMA They engage in a war of words that heightens expectations for the confrontation that will soon bring them face to face.

It all started with a post by Popó on his Instagram, in which he recalled a mistake Belfort made on the program “Show do Milhão” in 2003. On that occasion, the future MMA fighter got the question wrong about how many syllables the word “Sol” contains. , guessing “trisyllable” when the correct answer was “monosyllable”.


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Popó did not miss the opportunity to mock his rival and, in a montage published on Instagram, he provoked:

“Look at our coach there! The coach only missed Portuguese and grammar classes. I think he was waiting for classes to go and do the TRT and hormone cycles that he always used. I already said that Vitor 'Belfraco' is a silent poet”, said the four-time world champion.


Vitor Belfort's response

Belfort's response was not long in coming. In a video published on his social networks, the fighter countered Popó's criticism, defending the reality of Brazilian athletes in relation to education and highlighting their personal and professional achievements.

“Dear Popó, time passes and things change. And for those who don't know the reality, unfortunately a large number of Brazilian athletes are semi-literate, because we know that Brazil does not value education in sports, and therefore, many have to give up school to become champions”, says Belfort .


The former champion of UFC also highlighted his studies at renowned universities such as Harvard and Stanford, in the United States, in addition to his family life and faith. In a defiant tone, he finished the message:

“Now pay attention, Popó! Responding to your insult, I want to say to you: 'Dó' is a monosyllable, 'pena' is a disyllable, and that's what I feel for you, Popó. For your mediocrity. However, 'defeat' is three-syllable, and that's what you'll suffer from me if you don't pop. 'Mercy' is a polysyllable, and I won't have that from you in any second in the ring. Now sleep with that noise, brother!”

The exchange of barbs between Popó and Belfort serves as an appetizer for what should be the next main event duel in the Fight Music Show. There is still no date for the likely fight to take place, nor a weight agreement.


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