VIDEO: Dvalishvili provokes O'Malley and simulates the outcome of a possible duel for the title

Georgiano is expecting to be announced as the next challenger for the bantamweight title; champion has already given positive approval for the fight

M. Dvalishili acting out that he is carrying S. O'Malley. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Living with great expectations of becoming the next title challenger, Merab Dvalishvili takes advantage of the moment to increase rivalry with Sean O'Malley. The target of provocations from the champion recently, the Georgian did not hesitate to generate content to mock the organization's star and suggest the ideal outcome for a possible confrontation against 'Sugar'.

During the video made with O'Malley's lookalike and aljamain sterling, Dvalishvili carries the supposed bantamweight champion (up to 61,2 kg.) on his shoulders and advises him to stop smoking so that he avoids taking too long to understand commands. As he continues filming, the Georgian simulates submissions and various jiu-jitsu holds, stating that this will happen in the possible confrontation.


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In response to the publication, the Georgian's followers show excitement at the provocation carried out.

“Merab is the king of content on the internet,” said a fan.


“Merab is a fun guy. Doing everything you can to get the title shot. Fair play to him for being this entertainment guy.”

“Merab makes it look easy. Go to comedy after you stop fighting.”

Sean O'Malley Merab Dvalishvili

Merab Dvalishvili (right) should be Sean O'Malley's next challenger (left) (Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS)

With O'Malley's positive approval to face the Georgian next, both athletes await a decision and an official announcement from Ultimate. The expectation is that the fighters will face each other soon, although Dana White has not withheld his opinion on the fighters' verbal agreement.

Watch video of Dvalishvili taunting O'Malley

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