UFC star makes bold promise to fight Covington: 'He would never beat me'

Ian Garry cites scenarios that make him want to face the North American and promises to retire him from MMA

Colby Covington was defeated at UFC 296. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC Espanol

Colby covington was defeated in UFC 296. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC Espanol

In the world of MMA, spicy rivalries and controversial statements are frequent ingredients. And the latest addition to this spicy menu comes from Irish Ian Gary, seventh place in the welterweight (up to 77kg.) ranking of the UFC.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Garry did not hide his ambition to face the former interim champion Colby covington, and the reasons go beyond the fight for positions in the ranking.


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“I want to fight him because of everything he has said about me and my family. I will make sure he regrets every word he said. I want to fight him because of the followers he has, because of the respect he has as one of the best in the category. No matter how good Colby covington In other words, he would never beat me”, declared the Irishman.

Colby Covington retired?

But Ian's motivation isn't just limited to personal issues. The Irishman also recognizes the potential a win over Colby would have for his career.


“I'm very fast, technically brilliant. He just doesn't have a chance. I'm going to retire him. It's my goal. All my aim when I fight Colby covington is that he never puts on MMA gloves again”, he concluded.

Current seventh place in the welterweight rankings, Ian Gary discarded any opponent who is behind his position in the category. In his career, the Irishman has a record of 14 positive results and no negative results.


Yes, Colby covington, who remains relevant in martial arts, is not going through a good phase in the octagon and is bothered by the defeat he suffered against Leon edwards, in December last year. In total, the North American has 17 triumphs and four setbacks.

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