EXCLUSIVE! Meet Johnny Walker's brother who debuts at UFC Las Vegas 90 this Saturday

New heavyweight addition, Valter Walker introduced himself to the MMA fan and spoke about his beautiful relationship with his brother

No UFC Las Vegas 90, which takes place next Saturday (06), the heavyweight division (up to 120,2kg) will gain an important addition: the Brazilian Walter Walker will make his debut in the organization against the Polish Lukasz Brzeski. In an exclusive interview with SUPER FIGHTS, the Tupiniquim athlete introduced himself to fans who don't know him yet, talked about his preparation for the fight and gave details of his relationship with his brother Johnny Walker, light heavyweight star. To check out the full chat, click on the player above.

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Still unknown to a large part of the Brazilian public, Valter introduced himself to the MMA fan and revealed that his brother Johnny Walker was the one who inspired him to enter the sport and make this planning his 'earnings'.


“Man, my name is Valter Ignacio, I adapted it here Walter Walker because of my brother. He was very happy about it, we always saw the brothers Nick and Nate diaz and I always thought that my brother and I could be better than these guys, so I always aim to be the best, he (Johnny) also always aims to be the best. I'm 26 years old, I've been training professional MMA for four years, I started training to help my brother, then he told me I was good at things, so I started training more seriously, then he ended up taking me to Russia. There I met my coach who is like a father to me in MMA, he takes care of me as if I were his son and I have lived in Russia for five years now.”

About UFC Vegas 90 Rival

Despite facing an opponent who is coming off three consecutive defeats in the organization, the Brazilian didn't want anything to do with provocations, he showed respect for his rival and promised to 'get out the fight' inside the Apex Octagon.


“I don't really like to belittle a fighter, because he has bills to pay like me, he needs to win, he has the rope around his neck (he's coming from three consecutive defeats), I also have the rope around my neck, because it's the my first fight, I'm Johnny's (Walker) brother, my brother already has a name in MMA. So, people already have expectations for me, which creates pressure on my side. The pressure on his side is that he has a noose around his neck, if he loses again, he will be fired. So, just get in there and take the fight.”

Preparation for the premiere

In a surprising statement, Valter revealed that he doesn't usually study his opponents and that he is a fan of the strategy of coming out on top without thinking much about tactics.


“I don’t like to study my opponents too much. I have 11 fights as a professional, the 11 fights I planned didn't go as planned at the time. For me, there are two options in the fight: If you're getting hit standing up, either you put it down or you keep getting hit standing up. There are two strategies: either you take the beating or you put it down. I don’t see any other strategy.”

Relationship with brother Johnny Walker

In an extensive and beautiful statement, Valter told details of his relationship with Johnny Walker and how his brother became a fundamental player in his personal life and the beginning of his career.

“People think that my brother and I are not that close because we live in different countries. But it's exactly the opposite, man. I started training because of my brother. Everything I did at the beginning was inspired by him. He has always had an influence on my life. And after we grew, matured, he took me out of Brazil. We lived together for two years, we lived together in England and Thailand. And when we live together, we mature a lot. He visits me here in Russia, he has already visited me in Egypt. We have a very strong relationship, he sends me money to buy supplements, when I needed money to buy something, to pay bills, he always sent me money. I think that just last year, he must have sent me more than US$8 thousand dollars (about R$40 thousand)”


About Walter Walker

New heavyweight addition and undefeated in MMA with 11 consecutive victories, Walter Walker debut this Saturday in the organization, on the main card of UFC Las Vegas 90. The Brazilian's rival will be the Pole Lukasz Brzeski.

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