Jon Jones is involved in a new scandal and is accused of attacking and threatening to kill a UFC anti-doping agent

Heavyweight champion is subject of police investigation after alleged incident involving Drug Free Sport professional

Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

Jon Jones is involved in a new controversy. The heavyweight champion (up to 120,2kg) of the UFC is under police investigation for an alleged incident with an agent from Drug Free Sport, an anti-doping company hired by the organization.

The professional, identified as Crystal Martinez, claims to have been attacked and threatened with death by Jones during a visit to her home to collect a urine sample as part of Ultimate's anti-doping program.


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According to the police report registered by Martinez, the episode occurred on March 30th. Upon arriving at the champion's residence, she and a co-worker were received cooperatively by the fighter. However, the situation soon deteriorated.

After collecting the urine sample, the agent reports that Jones appeared agitated and tense, questioning her about money and threatening to sue her. Afterwards, the fighter allegedly took Martinez's cell phone and started recording her.


What followed was even more serious. According to the agent's report, the fighter approached her, confronting her with aggressive questions and threatening statements, such as “why are you shitty people coming so early? You know what happens to people who come to my house. They end up dead.”

Anti-doping agent was afraid of Jon Jones

Terrified, Crystal feared for her safety and wanted to end the test, but fear of reprisal from the fighter stopped her, as she reportedly 'smelled the smell of alcohol coming from him'. She reports having sent messages to her superior, Pierson Laughlin, asking for help, but was instructed to wait for contact from representatives of the UFC.


His co-worker, in turn, refused to file a police report for fear of reprisals. Laughlin, when contacted by the agent, reportedly questioned her motivations and demonstrated a lack of interest in giving a statement.

Faced with the lack of support, Martinez decided to pursue criminal charges against the American. Police issued a summons to the fighter, accusing him of assault and interfering with communications for allegedly stealing the agent's phone. To date, no formal charges have been filed against Jones.

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