Jon Jones releases video and denies death threat to anti-doping agent; look

UFC champion defends himself on social media after allegations of aggressive behavior

Jon Jones is the UFC heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jonnybones

Jon Jones He is UFC heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jonnybones

Amid the storm of accusations that surround him, the heavyweight champion (up to 120,2kg.) UFC, Jon Jones, spoke out on his Instagram to refute allegations that he had threatened to kill and attacked an anti-doping agent during a urine collection at his home.

In the report, Jones acknowledges frustration with the agent's “lack of professionalism”, but categorically denies any threatening behavior. He states that the video of the visit shows the two testers leaving their home after collection, in a friendly atmosphere, with a “goodbye and a hug”.


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Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil
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The fighter also defends himself against the accusation of having violated the anti-doping protocol, claiming that the agent in question “behaved in an unprofessional manner and even violated the standard protocol along with the laws”.

Throughout your career, Jon Jones, who has been caught in anti-doping tests in the past, positions himself as the victim of an “incompetent” and “protocol violator” agent. He questions the lack of professionalism of Drug Free Sport, the company hired by the UFC to carry out drug tests, and calls for a deeper investigation into the case.


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“I want to respond to the reports about me threatening a drug tester's life and taking his phone, I want to clarify that there is a video showing both testers leaving my house after the testing session, where we said a loud goodbye and a hug . Although I was frustrated with the unprofessionalism and used profanity out of frustration, it ended up friendly and friendly, not threatening at all. I was actually celebrating a friend's birthday party at my house, and I believe it's perfectly fine to celebrate in the comfort of my own home. I must say, this particular tester behaved unprofessionally and even violated standard protocol along with HIPAA laws. In my 20 years of being drug tested, I have never encountered such an incident with a DCO officer before,” he wrote. Jon Jones on his official Instagram.


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