Here he comes again! Remember the main controversies of Jon Jones' career

From cocaine use to sexual stimulant, the linear heavyweight champion has a vast CV of confusions during his career. Remember some moments

Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

Jon Jones fighting in the UFC. (Photo: Twitter/UFCBrasil)

Accused of threatening a drug testing agent, Jon Jones added yet another controversy to the long list of his career. From cocaine to a sexual stimulant, including traffic accidents, remember the main messes made by the heavyweight champion (up to 120 kg) during his professional career.

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Chris Curtis x Brendan Allen Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC

The first doping

J. Jones defeated D. Cormier in January 2015. (Photo: Disclosure/UFC)


On January 03, 2015, Jones won Daniel Cormier in the main fight of UFC 182 and defended the light heavyweight belt for the eighth consecutive time. When no human being seemed capable of stopping 'Bones' inside the Octagon, the MMA star fell to drug addiction. Just three days after yet another historic triumph, the then champion of the under-93kg division was caught in a doping test for cocaine use.

At the time, Ultimate was heavily criticized by fans and the press. In 'Pre-Used' times (United States Anti-Doping Agency), the organization chose to hide the result of Jones' test, which came out on December 23, 2014, so as not to run the risk of losing him for UFC 182 and see the duel against Cormier postponed. Because the exam was carried out outside the competition period, the company chose not to punish 'Bones', but the North American decided to enter a clinic for rehabilitation of drug users.


Losing the belt

Jon Jones is booked by the police. Photo: Reproduction / NM Police

After being caught with cocaine and entering a rehab clinic in January, Jones made a 'quick recovery' and already had a fight scheduled for just over four months later. At UFC 187, scheduled for May 23rd, Jon would face Anthony Johnson in the main fight of the show. However, the MMA legend would commit what would probably be the biggest controversy of his career in April of that year.


On the night of April 26, the then light heavyweight champion was returning drunk from a party and ran a red light at an intersection. His car crashed into another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, causing a dangerous accident. Inside the car was a pregnant woman and Jones fled the scene without providing assistance to the victim. The American was detained by the police and posted bail to answer the charges while free.

This time, Ultimate was more energetic: it suspended Jones for an indefinite period, removed his light heavyweight belt and placed Daniel Cormier in his place, as an opponent of Anthony Johnson. 'Bones' would be away from the Octagon for about a year.

The almost rematch with Cormier

The expected rematch for UFC 200 did not happen (Faebook Reproduction Daniel Cormier)


The rivalry between Daniel Cormier e Jon Jones reached stratospheric levels and the organization rushed to schedule them as the main fight of the biggest event in its history, UFC 200. However, with three days to go before the highly anticipated clash, USADA announced that 'Bones' had been caught in an anti-doping test. , due to the use of a sexual stimulant.

At the time, Jones was removed from the historic card, had his interim belt taken away and saw his rematch against Daniel Cormier postponed once again. 'Bones' was replaced on the show by Anderson Silva and was suspended from his professional activities for one year.

New confusion

D. Cormier (left) and J. Jones (right) facing each other for a fight in 2017 (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube UFC)

The rematch between Jon Jones e Daniel Cormier finally got off the ground, but the sports legend couldn't get through yet another mess unscathed. One day before the long-awaited clash, 'Bones' took a urine test which showed traces of turinabol, a substance used to gain muscle mass. Even with the knockout achieved by Jones in the third round, USADA reversed the result of the duel to 'No-Contest' (fight without result) and removed the belt won by Jon in the Octagon. The North American also received a new 15-month suspension from the agency.

While dealing with yet another controversy, Jones continues to recover from a serious chest injury and two recent surgeries and is expected to face the former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic as soon as you are 100% recovered.

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