Jon Jones updates on controversy with anti-doping agency members and denies arrest

MMA legend refutes rumors of arrest by the police force after alleged confusion with 'Drug Free Sport' team

Jon Jones (left) in a UFC heavyweight fight. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

MMA legend, Jon Jones spoke out again about the accusation of assaulting a member of theDrug Free Sports', new team that manages anti-doping tests at UFC. On his social networks, the UFC heavyweight (up to 120,2 kg) champion clarified rumors that he had been detained by the police force. The athlete denied arrest.

“I want to deny misinformation that has been circulating. I woke up to false news that I had been arrested. Did not happen. In fact, I'm in Texas (USA) with my daughters at a volleyball tournament. It's disappointing to have to come clean about this once again, but I understand that I am a target because of my past. It is necessary that the information is correct and the truth is told”, wrote Jon.


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Afterwards, Jones outlined his version of the facts and clarified the visit he received from those responsible for collecting material for the anti-doping test.

“I was visited by the team and I was celebrating a birthday. I was asleep. I was taken by surprise and there was a lack of professionalism and a breach of protocol by one of the members. I want to make it clear that, at no time, was there a threat. Fake news is regrettable. I will defend myself against all accusations”, he published.


UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones recovering from serious shoulder injury. The athlete's last performance took place at the beginning of 2023, when the fighter won the title, previously unprecedented in his career.


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