Poatan or Hill? Makhachev's trainer names favorite for UFC 300 main fight

In Javier Mendez's opinion, technical ability will be the difference in Poatan's favor in this Saturday's event (13)

This Saturday (13), Alex Poatán defends the light heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg) for the first time against the former champion Jamahal hill in the main fight of the history UFC 300, in Las Vegas, in the United States. In the opinion of Javier Mendez, coach of the lightweight champion (up to 70,3 kg) Islam makhachev, the tendency is for the title to remain with the Brazilian.

In an interview with 'King Casino Bonus', Mendez praised Hill, but bet on Poatan's victory based on the Brazilian's technical repertoire in stand-up fighting.


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Jon Jones is the UFC heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jonnybones
Alex Poatan (left) and Cesar Almeida (right) face off at WGP kickboxing. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I think (Jamahal) Hill has a chance because he's elusive and a great striker, but I'm more inclined towards (Alex) Pereira doing the right thing, hitting those low kicks and mixing it up. I think Pereira wins based on his skills. Hill has never faced a striker like Pereira, so I think it will be difficult for him”, said the coach.

Finally, Javier Mendez pointed to grappling as a way to Jamahal hill against Alex Poatán, but he was not very confident that the North American would opt for this.


“Hill has a chance to knock him out, but in the long run I think he loses unless he can take him down, but he's not known for being a great fighter on the ground,” he concluded.

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