Esquiva Falcão publishes images of a car accident with a family and narrates the drama experienced

Brazilian boxing star, Falcão shares frightening moment experienced on trip from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo

Esquiva Falcão shared an image of a car accident. Photo: SUPER FIGHTS montage

Brazilian boxing star, Esquiva Falcão shared a true drama experienced with his family. And on his Instagram profile, the fighter confirmed that he had suffered a car accident. According to reports from the athlete, his car was hit by a truck at high speed and, according to the boxer, the person responsible for the collision showed signs of intoxication.

“I'm living in Sorocaba (SP). My family and I came in two cars. Leaving Rio de Janeiro, on the way to São Paulo, a speeding truck hit the back of a friend who came with us. My wife had to go straight to the hospital. My children were not injured. My wife was discharged the next day and, thank God, she is fine. The truck driver was drunk. We are all well and together again”, wrote Falcão, in his profile on Instagram.


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In the same publication, Esquiva shared images of the vehicle moments after the collision. The photos show the dented rear of the car, highlighting the intensity of the impact.

At 34 years old, Falcão is a reference in Brazilian boxing. With 30 victories in 31 appearances, the athlete competed for the world middleweight belt for the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in 2023, but ended up being defeated by Vincenzo Gualtieri in the judges' decision.


Check out the images of the accident released by Esquiva Falcão

Esquiva Falcão registers damaged car. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Car after accident with Esquiva Falcão. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


Dented vehicle bodywork. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Rear damaged after impact. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Condition of the car after accident. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


Image shows the seriousness of the accident. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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