Poatan's ex-partner points out the champion's mental fragility and talks about the fight at UFC 300

After a controversial separation, Merlie Christine claims to adopt a neutral stance when analyzing the duel between the Brazilian and Jamahall Hill that takes place this Saturday (13)

Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ufc

Alex Poatán He is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ufc

Former companion of Alex Poatán, Merle Christine opened the game and commented on the duel between the Brazilian x Jamahal hill scheduled for this Saturday (13), at UFC 300. Creator of an MMA channel, the German analyzed possible scenarios that could occur in the confrontation and highlighted the biggest difference that the athletes will have in the octagon.

“This (fight) is difficult. But I will be impartial. I would say that Alex Pereira is the strongest physically. He has a lot of power, he is very strong physically. He has big hands. But mentally he is no longer the same, like the Jamahal hill It is. He doesn't have the same motivation as Jamahal. We have to be fair, Jamahal didn't lose. He gave up the belt due to an injury. It hurts and the true champion wants the belt back if he had it once”, declared Merle on his channel YouTube 'Fightology'.


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Charles do Bronx is a Brazilian standout in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @ufc_brasil

Despite recognizing Poatan's power, Merle predicted a greater chance for the North American.

“This is very difficult, as it is mental versus physical. As Israel adesanya said: there are things that Alex never changed, (for example) his guard is down. If Jamahal studied him well, he would say that he wins by knockout, he will find an opening in the defense. But if he didn't study and the corner isn't prepared, he would say Alex wins. I don't think Alex will knock him out. Jamahal is a fighter, has a good chin and energy. If Alex wins it will be on points or an injury to Hill. But I say that Jamahal knocks out Poatan in the third round, maybe second,” he concluded.


Merle Christine next to Alex Poatán. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Scheduled to face each other in the UFC 300, Poatan and Hill face off this Saturday (13) in the main fight of the event. The duel will be held at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas (USA).


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