Tsarukyan reveals reason for adopting provocative stance on Do Bronx before UFC 300

Armênio highlights the Brazilian's attitude and demonstrates interest in attracting public attention; athletes face each other this Saturday (13)

Arman Tsarukyan faces Charles of the Bronx No. UFC 300. Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS.

Willing to create a climate of rivalry with Charles of the Bronx before the UFC 300, Arman Tsarukyan opened the game and explained the reason for provoking the Brazilian in different ways before the event. Scheduled to perform this Saturday (13), the Armenian expressed discomfort with the silence of his next opponent and decided to draw the attention of the fans to gain the spotlight in the fight.

“Charles hasn’t said anything, so I need to say something about him. Nothing personal. I’m just promoting the fight so that more fans can watch our fight”, declared the athlete in an interview on 'media day'.


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In one of his controversial speeches, Tsarukyan stated that Do Bronx doesn't have many weapons in his arsenal other than his ability to get behind his opponents' backs and submit them. At the time, the Armenian minimized the risks of fighting on the feet against the Brazilian and angered the fans of the former lightweight champion (up to 70,3kg).

A. Tsarukyan is currently fourth in the lightweight rankings. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @arm_011


Scheduled to face each other this Saturday (13), Arman and Charles will face each other in Las Vegas, at the T-Mobile Arena, in a crucial duel for the division. Hoping to become the next challengers for the title in case of victory, the athletes have a promise from Dana White, where he stated that their opponent Islam makhachev will come out of this confrontation.

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