Charles do Bronx rebuts Tsarukyan, comments “fear” at UFC 300 and sends a hint to Makhachev

In an exclusive interview with SUPER LUTAS, a Brazilian analyzes Armenian's provocation about fighting and says he is next for the belt

In an exciting return to the Octagon after a turbulent period of injuries and changes in opponents, Charles of the Bronx He wasted no time in showing what he came for UFC 300. In an exclusive interview with SUPER FIGHTS channel on YouTube, the Brazilian countered the provocations of Arman Tsarukyan, commented on the “fear” of being overtaken in the race for the lightweight belt (up to 70,3kg.) and sent a hint to his rival Islam makhachev.

With the serenity of a war veteran, Charles of the Bronx relativized the rollercoaster of events that led him to the confrontation with Tsarukyan, which involved eyebrow cut, injury and Makhachev's Ramadan and provocations from the Armenian.


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“I’ve already learned that things don’t happen in our time, but in God’s time. We just have to stay focused, with our head on straight, breathing deeply, waiting for my moment and, on the 13th, make it happen”, said Do Bronx.

With an analytical eye, Charles analyzed Tsarukyan's fighting style and outlined his strategy.


“He comes on strong and falls. I start slow and build up. I respect wrestling, jiu-jitsu and striking, but I'm not worried about what my opponent will bring to me, but what I can bring. Of course we have strategies, we watch fights, I just want to be happy, bold, with a calm mind, without problems, without anything. You know what happens”, said the Brazilian, recognizing the size advantage and betting on an increasing pace.

'It's not eight, ten days. It's been 14 years in the UFC'

Asked about Tsarukyan's statements, who promised to knock him out in the first round and fight Makhachev next, Charles of the Bronx he was not intimidated.

“Have I already learned in there?! I have already grown and evolved enormously. What they say or don't say, to me, doesn't make any difference. I just want to be close to the people I love, stay focused, training, dedicating myself and, on the 13th, we separate the men from the children.”

Experience and responsibility

In the role reversal, Charles of the Bronx found himself in the position he previously occupied Tony Ferguson, more than three years ago, when the two faced each other. Now, they face a younger opponent ready to enter the 'bubble' among the best in the division.

“There is no responsibility. I have to play my part like any other fight. The difference is that, at that time, I was younger against Tony who was a (member) of the top 5. Today, I am number one in the rankings. I have to keep working and dedicating myself to making history”, he analyzed.

Charles from the Fearless Bronx

Regarding the “BMF belt” and the fight for the lightweight title, the Brazilian was calm and confident that, with the victory, he will get a rematch against Makhachev. He is not afraid that Justin gaethje x Max Holloway, which face each other in the same UFC 300, jump the queue.

“There's no such thing as 'ah, you're being overtaken'”, said the Brazilian, emphasizing the importance of keeping moving and looking for opportunities. “We are UFC employees. We have our word to negotiate, talk about values, but there is no such thing as saying 'I'm not going to fight for the title'. The guy replies: 'okay, go to the end of the line'. I don't think anything, I'm not worried about anything. I just want to do what I have to do, which is beat Arman and hope to be next in line.”

'I just have to watch'

Regarding the attitude of Islam makhachev, which challenged several fighters, except Charles of the Bronx, the former champion appeared cautious and sent a hint to the Russian champion.

“There’s nothing to say. I just have to observe. The guy challenges all guys. If he wins a marble he says: 'I'm here, I'm next'. But whoever everyone knows, that Dana White has already spoken, that he's next in line, he doesn't speak. So, he lets me be quiet, doing my job,” he concluded.

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