Before UFC 300, remember the ten biggest upsets in title fights in the organization's history

Holm (right) got the better of Ronda (left) at UFC 193. Photo: Disclosure/UFC

MMA is a box of surprises and it's not exactly rare to see athletes considered 'underdogs' surprise people in the octagon, break the bank and emerge victorious against the clear favorites, even in title fights.

Warming up the atmosphere for history UFC 300, which features three title fights this Saturday (13), the team from SUPER FIGHTS recalls the ten biggest upsets in belt disputes in the history of Ultimate, using as a basis the 'odds' in bookmakers at the time of the duels.


10- Henry Cejudo x Demetrious Johnson II – UFC 227


Cejudo makes history, beats Johnson and wins the flyweight belt. Photo: Reproduction / Facebook ufc

Today the name of Henry Cejudo He is immortalized in Ultimate as one of the only athletes to simultaneously hold two belts in the organization, but it wasn't always like that.


In his second chance at the flyweight belt, facing the record holder for consecutive defenses Demetrious Johnson, who had already defeated him two years earlier, 'Triple C' was an underdog with odds of 4,8, but he overcame his suspicions and emerged champion after winning the judges' split decision.

9- Michael Bisping x Luke Rockhold 2 – UFC 199


Bisping knocked out Rockhold at UFC 199. Photo: Reproduction / Facebook UFC


Just like Cejudo, Michael Bisping he also already had a defeat against the then champion of his category, Luke Rockhold. The Brit, however, was called up for the rematch with less than three weeks notice to replace the injured player. Chris Weidman.

Bisping shocked the world by knocking out Rockhold in the first round and winning the middleweight belt (up to 83,9 kg) in his 26th fight in the organization. The odds for Bisping to win were 5,5.

8- Sean Strickland x Israel Adesanya – UFC 293

Du Plessis Israel Adesanya x Sean Strickland 3. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @ufc

Israel adesanya x Sean Strickland . Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @ufc


The middleweight was also the stage for the eighth biggest upset on the list. At the UFC 293in September 2023, Sean Strickland dominated the then champion Israel adesanya for five rounds to win the category belt. The odds for 'Tarzan' to win were 5,7.

7- Rose Namajunas x Joanna Jedrzejczyk – UFC 217

Namajunas (left) defeated Jedrzejczyk Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / @ufcindia

Recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Joanna Jedrzejczyk was undefeated in MMA and on a streak of five title defenses when she was knocked out by the hitherto irregular Rose namajunas, who entered the contest with a record of just six wins and three losses and odds at . 'Thug', however, proved that she was truly deserving of the title by overcoming the Pole in the rematch as well.

6- Alexa Grasso x Valentina Shevchenko – UFC 285

Alexa grasso ending Valentina Shevchenko
Foto: Reprodução / Instagram

Owner of one of the most dominant reigns in recent years, Valentina Shevchenko lost the flyweight title (up to 56,7 kg) submitted by Alexa grasso, who entered the duel with odds of 6,75.

Subsequently, the Mexican retained the belt in a draw with the Kyrgyz-Peruvian after a five-round 'war'. The tendency is for the two to star in a trilogy in the coming months.

5- Frankie Edgar x BJ Penn – UFC 112

Edgar (right) and Penn (right) have already faced each other twice in the UFC. Photo: Josh Hedges/UFC

Entering the time tunnel directly to UFC 112, in April 2010, it was time for Frankie Edgar begin his story as lightweight champion (up to 70,3 kg) with a dominant and surprising victory over the legendary B.J. Penn.

Edgar, who at the time entered the octagon with odds of 6,88, would go on to prove his superiority over the Hawaiian with two more victories over his rival in the following years.

4- TJ Dillashaw x Renan Barão – UFC 173

Barão (left) is punched by Dillashaw (right) at UFC 173. Photo: Josh Hedges/UFC

Considered by Dana White to be the best pound-for-pound fighter of the time, Renan Barao saw his bantamweight reign (up to 61,2 kg) ended in May 2014 by a then unknown TJ Dillashaw, who entered the dispute with odds of 7,5 and knocked out the Brazilian in the fifth round.

Previously seen as an underdog, the North American would go on to build a successful trajectory in the category, with two reigns and three title defenses.

3- Julianna Peña x Amanda Nunes – UFC 269

J. Peña defeated A. Nunes in the UFC 269. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Barão wasn't the only Brazilian to be dethroned by a big upset in the UFC. Considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time, Amanda nunes was surprised by Julianna Pena No. UFC 269, in December 2021. At the time, the victory of the 'Venezuela Shrew' returned eight times the amount invested to the bettor.

Months later, logic prevailed, the 'Lioness' 'surpassed' in the rematch against Peña and regained the bantamweight belt.

2- Holly Holm x Ronda Rousey – UFC 193

Ronda Rousey was knocked out by Holm at UFC 193 Photo: Disclosure/UFC

Ronda was knocked out by Holm at UFC 193 Photo: Disclosure/UFC

The second highest place on the zebra podium in belt disputes belongs to an athlete who will be in action in the UFC 300. On November 11, 2015, Holly holm, which faces Kayla harrison this Saturday (13), shocked the world by knocking out the hitherto unbeatable Ronda Rousey with a spectacular high kick, against an incredible odds of 9,3.

1- Matt Serra x Georges St-Pierre – UFC 69

G. St-Pierre is harshly punished by M. Serra. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Long before the UFC 300, even before UFC 100, the zebra was already walking around the UFC Octagon. The highest spot on our list is reserved for Matt Serra's shocking knockout of Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69 in April 2007.

Paying R$9,50 for each real bet, the North American surprised the Canadian, broke the bank and shocked the world by winning the welterweight belt (up to 77,1 kg).

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