VIDEO: Jamahal Hill provokes Alex Poatan with 'caricature', irritates champion and has a categorical response

Brazilian challenger jabs and creates tense moment in exchange of barbs between UFC 300 protagonists

Challenger for the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg) in UFC 300, Jamahal hill innovated in provocation aimed at the champion Alex Poatán. At a press conference for the event this Saturday (13), the North American took to the ceremony a miniature 'Moai', a stone sculpture traditionally linked to Brazilians. The object was attached to a chain and the action resulted in a categorical response from the Brazilian star.

“This is just so you guys are familiar. That's what I intend to do on Saturday”, said Hill, raising the 'caricature' afterwards.


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Charles do Bronx is one of the Brazilian stars in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
T-MOBILE Arena UFC 300

Noticing his rival's attack, Poatan didn't take long to counter. Loudly, the champion sent the message to the fans.

“I'm going to make him remember this moment, when I'm entering the Octagon and playing my music. He will remember”, said Poatan.


This Saturday, Alex makes his first title defense at light heavyweight. On the other side, Hill is trying to regain the belt, which he gave up after suffering a serious injury in early 2023.

Check out the provocation between Poatan and Hill

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