UFC 300 warm-up: remember 10 of the biggest rivalries in the organization's history

With Brazilians on the list, SUPER FIGHTS expands the list of enemies who resolved issues in the Octagon

K. Nurmagomedov and C. McGregor faced each other at UFC 229. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @ufceurope

O SUPER FIGHTS continues at full steam in the production of special materials that celebrate the achievement of UFC 300, which takes place this Saturday (13). This time, our team listed 10 of the biggest rivalries ever seen over the company's 30 years. In the roundup, two Brazilians stand out with emblematic scores achieved in the octagon.

Below, the list of 10 great rivalries that marked the Ultimate history book.


10) Ronda Rousey x Miesha Tate

R. Rousey and M. Tate faced each other twice (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Two people responsible for the advancement of women's MMA around the world, Ronda Rousey e Miesha Tate They brought to the UFC an enmity built in the Strikeforce days. On one side, the Olympic medalist in judo, who sought to build a success story in mixed martial arts. On the other, a wrestling representative.


The fighters starred in one of the editions of 'The Ultimate Fighter' (TUF) and the climate of animosity was evident in the recordings. Ronda, who had already beaten her competitor years ago, repeated the feat in the UFC, submitting her rival in lightning quick fashion in

9) Kamaru Usman x Colby Covington

K. Usman (left) and C. Covington (right) have a historic rematch at UFC 268. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Lack of limits and even accusations of racism. The rivalry of Kamaru Usman e Colby covington was marked by the lack of sportsmanship on the part of the North American, a challenger for the welterweight belt (up to 77,1kg) at the time.

The first fight between the athletes, which took place in 2019, gained tones of apprehension, as, for months, provocations marked the promotion of the confrontation. In the challenge, better for the Nigerian, who knocked out his rival and defended his throne. In a rematch, Usman again came out on top, beating his opponent in the judges' decision.

8) Cody Garbrandt x TJ Dillashaw

T. Dillashaw (left) and C. Garbrandt (right) are in the main fight. (Photo: UFC Disclosure)

From former training companions to great UFC rivals. The history of cody garbrandt e TJ Dillashaw brings together elements that translate a great story for fans.

After a friendly relationship, the separation culminated in a fight for the bantamweight belt, held by Garbrandt at the time. However, Cody ended up being massacred both in his title defense and in his immediate rematch, beginning a dramatic phase in his MMA career.

7) Conor McGregor x Nate Diaz

N. Diaz (left) and C. McGregor (right) after their second fight, in 2016. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @thenotoriousmma

Former double UFC champion, Conor McGregor will be a stamped figure on this list. With a collection of enemies, the Irishman had a great rivalry with Nate diaz in a challenge that broke audience records in 2016.

In the first confrontation between the two, Nate shocked the world by submitting Conor at his peak, when the 'Notório' still held the lightweight belt (up to 70,3kg.). In the rematch marked by balance, McGregor came out on top.

6) Royce Gracie x Ken Shamrock

R. Gracie (left) and K. Shamrock (right) fighting for Ultimate in 1995. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube UFC

Two pioneers of what is today understood as MMA, Royce gracie and Ken Shamrock were present at the first edition of the UFC. When the company promoted fights with limited rules and no division of categories, the Brazilian and the North American had great rivalry.

Both faced each other twice, with two victories for the icon of the 'gentle art'.

5) Tito Ortiz x Chuck Liddell

Lidell (left) faces Oritz (right) in the veterans' duel. Photo: DISCLOSURE

MMA legends, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell had a great rivalry in the UFC in the 2000s. With successful histories in MMA, the Americans shared the Octagon on two occasions.

In a relationship marked by exchanges of barbs, Liddell came out on top in both challenges.

4) Conor McGregor x José Aldo

José Aldo x McGregor had one of the greatest rivalries in UFC history. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/ufc

José Aldo x McGregor had one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/ufc

In 2015, a certain Irishman impressed the world with exquisite performances and a great ability to generate engagement in his commitments. Conor McGregor emerged as a possible phenomenon of the organization and such achievements led him to face the then linear featherweight champion (up to 65,7kg.), José AldoIn 2015.

The confrontation went down in history as one of the biggest anticlimaxes for Brazilian fans. After being provoked for months, Aldo ended up being knocked out in 13 seconds, with the end of his reign imposed in a tragic way.

3) Jon Jones x Daniel Cormier

D. Cormier (left) and J. Jones (right) facing off for a fight in 2016.
Photo: Reproduction/YouTube ufc

Two of the best light heavyweights (up to 93kg) of all time, Jon Jones e Daniel Cormier took the 'rivalry' issue seriously. Icons of the category, the athletes faced each other on two occasions, and the disagreement reached greater proportions, with aggression outside the octagon.

In the dispute, Jon Jones he won in the first clash, and, initially, he would have won the second. The athlete, however, had the victory reverted to 'no contest', after failing an anti-doping test.

2) Anderson Silva x Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva complete Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFC_Brasil

Brazilian MMA legend, Anderson Silva reigned supreme in the UFC's middleweight division (up to 83,9kg) between 2006 and 2013. While leading the category, a fighter was able to introduce the world to a new style of promoting confrontations: Chael Sonnen.

Even though it was far from the technical quality displayed by 'Spider', Sonnen, through provocations, was able to have two fights against the then champion. The North American, despite coming close to victory in the first match, ended up overcoming both challenges.

1) Conor McGregor x Khabib Nurmagomedov

C. Mcgregor (left) and K. Nurmagomedov (right). Photo: Reproduction/Twitter UFC

Popularity phenomena in MMA, Conor McGregor e Khabib Nurmagomedov they were involved in one of the greatest rivalries in the company's history. In 2018, the provocations, which went beyond the limits of the sport, were translated into a challenge for the lightweight belt (up to 70,3kg).

On that occasion, the Russian star, who held the title at the time, got the upper hand, submitting the Irishman in the fourth round. After the feat, the 'Eagle' started widespread confusion by jumping over the containment fence to attack Dillon Danis, a member of the opponent's team.

To date, the event starring Conor and Khabib represents the largest audience in UFC history.

UFC 300 technical sheet

Order date: April 13th 2024

Open Hours: From 19pm (Brasília time)

Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

How to watch: SUPER FIGHTS LIVE In real time, UFC Fight Pass (the entire card) online.

MAIN CARD (23 p.m. Brasília time)

Light heavyweight (up to 93 kg): Alex Poatán x Jamahal hill – fight for the belt

Straw weight (up to 52,1 kg): Weili Zhang x yan xiaonan – fight for the belt

Light weight (up to 70,3 kg): Justin gaethje x Max Holloway – fight for the BMF belt

Light weight (up to 70,3 kg): Charles of the Bronx x Arman Tsarukyan

Average weight (up to 83,9kg): BoNickal x Cody Brundage

PRELIMINARY CARD (19 p.m. Brasília time)

Light heavyweight (up to 93 kg): Jiri Prochazka x Aleksandr Rakic

Featherweight (up to 65,7 kg): Calvin kattar x aljamain sterling

Bantam weight (up to 61,2 kg): Holly holm x Kayla harrison

Featherweight (up to 65,7 kg): Sodiq Yusuf x Diego lopes

Light weight (up to 70,3 kg) jalin turner x Renato Moicano

Straw weight (up to 52,1 kg): Jessica Stacker x Marina Rodriguez

Light weight (up to 70,3 kg): Bobby Green x Jim Miller

Bantam weight (up to 61,2 kg): Deiveson Figueiredo x cody garbrandt

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