UFC welterweight minimizes Poatan's level and bets against Brazilian at UFC 300: 'Nothing spectacular'

Newcomer to Ultimate, Michael Page praised Poatan's firepower, but criticized the Brazilian's style

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Alex Poatán He is the current UFC light heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

protagonist of UFC 300, this Saturday (13), when he defends the light heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg) against Jamahal hill, Alex Poatán had a meteoric rise in Ultimate, with two belts won in just seven fights in the octagon. Not everyone, however, approves of the Brazilian's fighting style.

In a video published on his official YouTube channel, Michael Page, a welterweight recently arrived in the UFC, praised Poatan's firepower, but criticized the champion's style.


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"Is weird. I see why Alex Pereira is successful and why he is dangerous. But I don't think his style is anything spectacular. He just has a lot of power. Leg kicks are abusive. He has crazy power in his hands and is obviously tough. He has a tough chin because he gets hit a lot. Even when he posts training videos, he constantly gets hit with right hands and left hooks. He can absorb it and return it even worse, but I don't like it when people have this style of accepting damage. He’s going up in weight, I don’t know how much his chin can take”, asked the Brit.

In Page's opinion, the vulnerable style of Alex Poatán makes Jamahal hill be the favorite for the main fight of the UFC 300.


“I give the advantage to Jamahal hill. I'm a fan of what Pereira has done so far, but I don't like it when guys try to be tough. His style is: 'I'm a tough guy, I take blows and I give blows'. I classify this as a 50-50 style. Win some, lose some”, he concluded.

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