UFC 300 warm-up: Find out the athletes with the most fights in the organization's history

In nearly 30 years of organization, discover which fighters have worn Ultimate gloves the most and showcased their talent in the Octagon

D. Maia in victory in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @ufc

In the organization's 30 years, there are athletes who have become known as 'Ultimate employees' due to their dedication and high fight numbers. Warming up for history UFC 300, which takes place next Saturday (13), find out which are the 10 athletes who performed the most wearing the company's gloves.

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Athlete with the most victories in the organization's history, Jim Miller He is also the one who has played the most times wearing Ultimate gloves, with 43 appearances. In second place is 'endless' again Andrei Arlovski with 41 fights in the company. Then comes Donald Cerrone with 38 clashes in the octagon.


In fourth place comes the veteran Clay guida with 36 fights in the organization and, right after, comes the former lightweight champion (up to 70,3kg) Rafael dos Anjos, with 35 fights and which, together with the North American, can still increase this mark in the coming years.

See the list of the 10 athletes who played the most in the UFC

1 - Jim Miller – 43 fights in the UFC


2 - Andrei Arlovski – 41 fights in the UFC

3- Donald Cerrone – 38 fights in the UFC


4- Clay guida – 36 fights in the UFC

5- Rafael dos Anjos – 35 fights in the UFC

6- Jeremy Stephens – 34 fights in the UFC


7- Demian Maia – 33 fights in the UFC

8- Diego Sanchez – 32 fights in the UFC

9- Charles of the Bronx – 32 fights in the UFC

10 - Neil Magny – 32 fights in the UFC

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