Alex Poatan opens the game and reveals the drama experienced weeks before the duel against Jamahal Hill

Brazilian states that he had to be careful with his mental side so that his performance would not be harmed in front of the challenger

Alex Poatán broke his toe weeks before his birth UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Protagonist of great performance in UFC 300, Alex Poatán opened the game and revealed the drama experienced two weeks before facing Jamahal hill. Without commenting on the fact since he broke his toe, the Brazilian stated that he needed to work on his mental side so that the injury would not interfere with his first defense of the light heavyweight title (up to 93kg).

"Was difficult. Two weeks before the fight. We've already done all the work, but we have to hold back so it doesn't affect your mind. All the work I had already done. When I broke my finger, at that moment, I had to reduce my training. There would be the last hard training when it happened. I was careful not to affect my mind and everything went well. I came here and did a good job”, declared Poatan in a press conference after the victory.


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Despite the injury, the Brazilian showed no problems in his movement during the main fight of the UFC 300. Without needing to reach the second round, Poatan knew how to control the distance and landed a fatal punch on Hill, taking his opponent to the canvas immediately and forcing the referee to interfere in the confrontation to avoid further damage to his rival.

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