Tsarukyan puts rivalry aside and chooses the 'most dangerous' between Do Bronx and Makhachev

Victorious over the Brazilian and defeated by the current lightweight champion, the Armenian adopts a sincere stance when answering a question after UFC 300

Charles do Bronx and Islam Makhachev faced each other at UFC 280.

Charles of the Bronx e Islam makhachev faced each other in UFC 280. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Only UFC athlete to have the ability to compare skills between Charles of the Bronx e Islam makhachev during a fight, Arman Tsarukyan chose the 'most dangerous' between the two. Despite having achieved a great victory over the Brazilian in the UFC 300, the lightweight prospect (up to 70,3kg.) adopted a sincere stance when answering the reporter's question at the press conference.

“Who is more dangerous between Charles and Islam: Charles is the most dangerous. He is very good at jiu-jitsu. He's dangerous because if he gets the position he's good at, he can submit you. As it was in the first round, with a very tight choke. If I didn't know how to get out of there I could have slept and lost the fight”, admitted Tsarukyan.


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Charles do Bronx is a UFC standout. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In addition to recognizing the danger in grappling, Arman highlighted the power of the strikes applied by the Brazilian.

"He is very strong. His punch is strong, he punched me hard. That's why he knocks people out and submitted many of them. He has the most submissions in this division. He's one of the best. If you compare Charles and Islam, they are on the same level,” he concluded.

Charles do Bronx risks the guillotine in his fight against Arman Tsarukyan at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Charles of the Bronx risks guillotine in fight against Arman Tsarukyan No. UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Victorious in the judges' split decision, Arman Tsarukyan overcame moments of danger offered by Charles of the Bronx during grappling and applied a greater number of blunt blows to his rival. Riding on four consecutive victories, the Armenian hopes to become the next challenger for the title next.


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