Ilia Topuria belittles Max Holloway's victory at UFC 300 and points to the former champion as an 'easy fight'

Featherweight champion unimpressed by Holloway's brutal knockout of Gaethje

Ilia Topuria Max Holloway

Ilia Topuria see with good eyes fight against Max Holloway (Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS)

One of the highest points in history UFC 300, last Saturday (13), was the Max Holloway's apotheotic knockout in the last second of the duel against Justin gaethje for the 'BMF' belt. Contrary to fans and the absolute majority of the MMA community, the featherweight champion (up to 65,7 kg) Ilia Topuria he was not that impressed with the Hawaiian's success.

“It was good, but nothing special to be honest. The end was just an exchange of punches without any strategy. Zero defense, low hands and that kind of thing can happen, but it's something that would never happen to me, because I think inside the octagon”, said Topuria in an interview with 'ESPN Deportes'.


Even though he wasn't impressed with Holloway's performance, Topuria said he was excited to defend the featherweight title against the former champion, mainly for the opportunity to also add the BMF belt won by the Hawaiian last Saturday to his shelf.

“I'm really happy because we just saw Holloway win, so I realized I'm going to have two belts instead of one. We will see. Nothing concrete, but there was a good chance he would be next if he emerged victorious from the octagon. I don't know if he's hurt. I hope he isn’t so that he comes back soon and we can fight”, said the champion.


Finally, Topuria provoked Holloway by comparing their performance against Alexander Volkanovsky and criticized his rival's fighting style.

“I did in nine minutes what he couldn't do in 90 against Volkanovski. He can say whatever he wants and prepare for what's to come. He won't be able to change that. (…) It's a really easy fight, as usual. I don't see anything special. It's too basic. Don't know what to do under pressure. Everyone is good when they have time to think, but when you have someone who counterattacks, who closes angles, who throws strong and precise punches, who also knows how to fight grappling, take you to the ground, who has an unbreakable, undefeated mentality , things get very complicated”, he concluded.

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