Vitor Belfort denies Popó and denies agreement for boxing fight

MMA legend hits back at four-time world champion, who indicated challenge for September, on Fight Music Show 5

Vitor Belfort Popó

Vitor belfort made harsh criticisms and challenged Popó (Photo: Montagem/SUPER FIGHTS)

MMA legend, Vitor belfort denied Acelino Popó Freitas and denied that he had signed a contract for a boxing fight in Fight Music Show 5, in September. On his social networks, the 'Phenomenon' demanded the signing of the contract and once again provoked the four-time world champion.

“What’s up, Popó? You just popcorn. Now, you said the fight is closed? Bully. It's going to be a great fight, if Popó doesn't freak out about this weight thing. I already said that the maximum I can lower is 88,9kg. Accept the fight immediately. Do what I said: everyone comes in their own weight. I'm trying hard to do my best. Everyone is waiting for this fight. Stop making 'fakenews'. As far as I know, your manager has not contacted mine about business. What Popó posted is 'fakenews'. The fight was not signed,” said Belfort, in a video published on Instagram.


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Last week, Acelino excited fans by confirming that he had accepted Vitor's challenge. The confrontation would be the big attraction for the Fight Music Show 5, in September.

A big name for the promoter, Popó is heading towards his fifth appointment. So far, the Bahian has shone in front of Whindersson Nunes, José Pelé Landi, Junior Dublê and, recently, Kleber Bambam.


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