VIDEO: Camera captures maddening reaction from Holloway's trainers after knockout at UFC 300

Havaiano had an electrifying moment when he defeated Justin Gaethje in the last second of the fight in a duel valid for the BMF title

M. Holloway's team celebrates the athlete's victory. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

Protagonist of apotheotic knockout in UFC 300, Max Holloway not only drove the fans and the T-Mobile Arena crazy, but also all of his coaches present in the fight corner. In a radiant reaction, the Hawaiian's team did not hold back with their pupil's unforgettable achievement and celebrated a lot after the referee interrupted the confrontation against the victim Justin gaethje.

In addition to the big victory, Holloway was honored with two UFC bonuses: 'Performance of the Night' and 'Fight of the Night'. In total, the mixed martial arts veteran pocketed 600 thousand dollars (more than one and a half million reais) in prizes alone. In a duel valid for the BMF Ultimate title, Holloway broke the bank by knocking out Gaethje in the last second of the fight and setting the arena on fire.


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At the moment of the knockout, Ryan Lizares, coach responsible for jiu-jitsu; Michael Nakagawa, friend and training partner, and Ivan Flores, muay-thai and stand-up trainer, couldn't contain themselves and screamed as they hugged each other celebrating their achievement. The team's ecstatic reaction lasted almost a minute.

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Max Holloway in knockout over Justin gaethje (Photo: Instagram/UFC)


New BMF champion, Max Holloway He became the only athlete to win an interim, linear title and the most 'thick-skinned' title in the organization's history.

Watch Holloway's coaches celebrate

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