Cormier disputes and suggests that Hill was harmed by a referee's error in the fight against Poatan

Commentator argues that fight should have been stopped and athletes removed until resumption was allowed by Herb Dean

Involved in controversial opinions recently, Daniel Cormier demonstrates that he does not hesitate when going against what is popular. When commenting on the duel between Alex Poatán x Jamahal hill No. UFC 300, the commentator suggested that the challenger for the light heavyweight title (up to 93kg.) may have been harmed by Herb Dean's attitude. According to the veteran, the referee should have stopped the fight at the moment of the North American's illegal blow.

“Herb Dean made a mistake. We all lost track of Herb intervening, Alex pushing him away with his hand and Herb stepping back. When you have an illegal scam, they say you need to be separated and then come back together, with a new beginning. This did not happened. In a very short time, Alex threw the blow that knocked Jamahal down and knocked him out. In seconds,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. YouTube.


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Although the episode occurred, Dana White and Jamahal hill They did not point out a possible error on the part of Herb Dean in allowing the fight to go ahead, without separating the athletes after an illegal blow.

H. Dean tries to stop fight after illegal hit. Photo: Reproduction/UFC


Protagonists of UFC 300, Poatan and Hill faced each other in a duel valid for the organization's light heavyweight title. Willing to fight on their feet, the athletes' confrontation ended in the first round, after the Brazilian brutally knocked out his opponent.

Alex Poatan (right) knocks out Jamahal Hill (left) at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Alex Poatán (dir.) applies knockout to Jamahal hill (left) in UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews


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