Ilia Topuria demands to accept a fight against Max Holloway and makes a bold proposal to the legend

Featherweight champion makes special request determining the fight against UFC icon

Ilia Topurial (left) is the current UFC featherweight champion. Photo: SUPER FIGHTS montage

Challenged by Max Holloway after the Hawaiian's frightening victory over Justin gaethje No. UFC 300, Ilia Topuria imposed a condition to face the new champion 'BMF'. In an interview with 'The MMA Hour', the holder of the featherweight title (up to 65,7kg.) approved the commitment, but demanded that his rival's symbolic title also be up for grabs.

"Max Holloway It is the next. He might say I'm running away. Bring the same energy you brought in the final 10 seconds of the fight (against Gaethje), but do it in the first 10 seconds. Let's see what will happen. (…) I know I'm better in any area. I can do whatever I want. How do you want me to defeat you? Do you want it to be a knockout? Finalization?”, said Topuria.


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Alex Poatan weighing in for UFC 300 (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Max Holloway (right) throws a blow at Justin Gaethje (left) at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC_japan

Willing to face the protagonist of one of the biggest knockouts in UFC history, Ilia upped the ante. The athlete valued the fight, suggesting a double fight by adding his title to Max's 'BMF' belt.

“Without the 'BMF' belt, I don't want the fight. Otherwise, I'll give him a rematch Alexander Volkanovsky. He (Holloway) has the belt, and that excites me. Max says he has a lot of options, but he doesn't. Right now, I'm the champion. I choose the date, the place. He just needs to be ready and wait for the call. When I want, he better be ready,” he concluded.


The first Spanish champion in Ultimate, Topuria shocked the world by brutalizing Volkanovski and taking over the featherweight throne in 2024. The feat ended the long reign of the Australian, who had led the category since 2019.

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