Chael Sonnen points the way for Alex Poatan to become the greatest fighter of all time in MMA

Former fighter stated that Poatan could become the greatest fighter in history if he wins the heavyweight belt in the future

With just 12 professional fights and eight appearances in the UFC Octagon, Alex Poatán may be close to entering the discussions regarding the greatest fighters in the history of MMA, at least in the opinion of Chael Sonnen.

Former fighter and current Ultimate commentator, Chael Sonnen stated, in a recent edition of the podcast 'The Fighter and The Kid', that, if Poatan wins the heavyweight belt (up to 120,2 kg), there will be no more discussion regarding who would be the greatest fighter of all time.


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Max Holloway (right) throws a blow at Justin Gaethje (left) at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC_japan
Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I look at Alex Pereira and I see an amateur. He has an amateur record. He fought 12 times. He entered the Octagon eight times, but within those eight he won two belts and beat five world champions. If I told you that Alex Pereira, who has never fought grappling, is not a black belt, is the greatest fighter of all time, you would roll your eyes. But if he's the first person to become a triple champion, we're not going to have an argument about who would be the greatest of all time. We would just refer to him as the greatest of all time.”

“Think about how great Georges St-Pierre is. He won at 77 and 84, but none of us thought he could move up to 93. Or Daniel Cormier, who wins the heavyweight and light heavyweight titles, but we knew he wouldn’t be able to make the cut to middleweight,” he added.


Right after knocking out Jamahal hill and defend the light heavyweight belt in UFC 300, last Saturday (13), Poatan asked for a heavyweight fight in UFC 301, on May 4th, in Rio de Janeiro. Although this possibility has already been ruled out by the champion's manager, Sonnen believes that the Brazilian's intention to fight in the top category is real.

“He (Poatan) really wants the fight against Tom (Aspinall). He didn't just speak for the adrenaline. He tried to have this fight in UFC 300. He would do that and he would be the first person to make us think again. I'm not saying he can win Tom aspinall, but he would be the first person who would make us think: 'Yeah, let's give him a chance, maybe he can do it'”, concluded the former fighter.

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