Ex-UFC comes out in defense of the organization and claims that fighters 'receive much more than they deserve'

Today at Karate Combat, Sam Alvey defended the amounts paid by the UFC to athletes starting their careers at the event

Dana White in a post-UFC 297 press interview. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/UFC

Dana White in post-UFC 297. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/UFC

The amount paid by the UFC to athletes is a constant topic of discussion. While the majority of the community claims that athletes should be paid more, some believe that they receive even more than they deserve. This is the case of Sam alvey, former light heavyweight (up to 93 kg) in Ultimate.

Currently working in Karate Combat, but with eight years of UFC under his belt, the 'Man Sorriso' stated, in interview to the 'Ultimate Punching' channel on YouTube, believing that Ultimate pays fighters more than they deserve.


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“The UFC pays us much more than we deserve. You got super stars like Justin gaethje e Max Holloway, Jon Jones, those types of guys, who get what they get, but most of the fighters on the cards get more than they’re worth”, said Alvey.

To illustrate your point, Sam alvey remembered his first victory in Ultimate, which occurred in his second fight in the organization, in November 2014, in Australia.


“My first UFC win happened in Australia. They took me and my corner there and did the same to my opponent. When we got off the plane, they gave us a thousand dollars and gave them the same amount. We did the math and, at the end of our fight, the UFC spent between 50 thousand and 70 thousand dollars on our fight and gained nothing from it. Nobody turned on the TV to watch Sam alvey and Dylan Andrews. We didn’t do anything to deserve that amount,” said the fighter.

“They pay this in hopes of us becoming the next Max Holloway ou Conor McGregor, Or until Sam alvey, how I became. But they bet big on it in the beginning. As you climb the rankings, they pay you more and more. People overestimate the UFC's audience. We are still a small sport. The biggest event you can imagine, with Conor and Khabib, took place at MGM, with 15 thousand people. A pointless NBA midseason game has 50 people. It's ridiculous to compare sports. They pay us more than fair and take a big risk with all the fighters”, he concluded.


Correcting some information brought by Sam alvey, UFC 229 featured a duel between Khabib Nurmagomedov e Conor McGregor as the main fight and took place at the T-Mobile Arena, with an audience of approximately 20 thousand people, which is the average capacity of NBA arenas, where Ultimate usually hosts some events.

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