Tsarukyan reveals that judge responsible for scoring Do Bronx's victory apologized for mistake

Armênio states that the professional's decision could have ended his career; athlete triumphed in split decision at UFC 300


Arman Tsarukyan derrotou Charles of the Bronx No. UFC 300 (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Victorious in an electrifying duel, Arman Tsarukyan opened the game and revealed behind the scenes of what happened after the duel against Charles of the Bronx No. UFC 300. Upon triumphing in the judges' split decision, the athlete was surprised by the result and admitted that the judge responsible for pointing out the Brazilian's victory in two of the three rounds ended up apologizing for the mistake he made.

“Yesterday with (Ariel) Helwani, I spoke to the judge (that) he made a mistake in the third round because he scored for (Charles) Oliveira. My coach spoke to him, he called my coach and said, 'Sorry, yes, you were right. I was – I wasn't scoring for Oliveira'. So, he also apologized for that”, declared the athlete in an interview with 'The MMA Hour'.


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As he continued speaking, Arman admitted that he would have killed the judge if a mistake had jeopardized the outcome of the confrontation.

“If I lost this fight, I would kill him, yes. He would end my career, you know? I've been training non-stop for 10 years. And every day thinking about the fight, cutting weight, training, lots of surgeries, trauma, drama, I don't know, all the things together, and, like, some judge, like, maybe he was looking at his phone, but now we're good, thank you so he said, 'I get it, I was wrong about that,'” he concluded.

Charles do Bronx risks the guillotine in his fight against Arman Tsarukyan at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Charles of the Bronx risks guillotine in fight against Arman Tsarukyan No. UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Currently placed first in the lightweight rankings (up to 70,3kg), Arman lives with the expectation of gaining an opportunity for the title after Islam makhachev deal Dustin poirier No. UFC 302, on June 1st. On his social networks, Tsarukyan declared that he will measure forces against the winner of the fight.

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