Chael Sonnen celebrates Hall of Fame entry for historic fight with Anderson Silva

The former rival of "Spider" celebrated the award and the fact that he changed his perception about the result of the confrontation

C. Sonnen (right) in his first loss to A. Silva. Photo: Disclosure/UFC)

Last Saturday (13), Ultimate announced the start of the historic confrontation between Anderson Silva e Chael Sonnen to the organization's Hall of Fame. On his YouTube channel, the former challenger for the middleweight belt (up to 83,9kg) recalled the duel with the Brazilian idol and celebrated the fact that the award had changed his perception of the result of the fight.

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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ufc
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Decagon assembled by the PFL. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @pflmma

“I have to admit, my reaction was quite amusing. I never really imagined this, I had no idea until it came out of Jon Anik's mouth. Even when he said it, he didn't say my name, he said 'the bad guy' and I sat there. I thought, 'Well, they used to call me a villain.' I had a moment like that (of coming to my senses). It was so fun and exciting, it was really cool and I was so grateful. I will say, I never felt good about defeat. Nothing changed in my life, like, I didn't wake up and out of nowhere they reversed the result. Or I woke up, had a rematch and beat him (Anderson). But I got some compliments and I have to say it feels good to get a 'pat on the back'. One of the worst moments, the ones that kept me awake at night, is now the one that keeps me excited. I lost that fight, it’s a little strange, but here we are,” said Sonnen.


Anderson Silva e Chael Sonnen they faced each other in the main fight of UFC 117, which took place in August 2010. The Brazilian entered the Octagon with a rib injury and was largely dominated by the North American during practically every round. However, with just over two minutes remaining, the “Spider” found a surprising finish and forced the challenger to bat, achieving a historic victory.

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