Max Holloway counters Ilia Topuria's challenge and is disappointed with the champion's attitude

The former featherweight champion regretted that the current owner of the belt wants to choose the 'ideal scenario' for the possible confrontation between them

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Max Holloway in knockout over Justin gaethje (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Challenged by Ilia Topuria for a duel for the 'BMF' belt (more thick-skinned), Max Holloway responded to the Spanish fighter's request. The Hawaiian was against the wishes of the current featherweight champion (up to 65,7kg) and said that this is not an attitude that does justice to the symbolic title.

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“That's not a very 'BMF' way of saying it. This is kind of anti-BMF. A ‘BMF’ fights anything, whoever, always… that’s not the tone of a ‘BMF’,” Topuria said.


Undefeated in MMA, Ilia Topuria won the featherweight belt in UFC 298, held last February, when he knocked out the then champion Alexander Volkanovsky in the second round. The confrontation took place in Anaheim, California (USA).

Former champion of the category, Holloway starred last Saturday (13), in the grandiose UFC 300, one of the biggest clashes in MMA history. Before the veteran Justin gaethje, then owner of the 'BMF' belt, the Hawaiian had been dominating the match with an excellent performance.


When there were 10 seconds left until the end of the duel, the 'Blessed' called his rival to the center of the cage and scored a brutal knockout, driving the audience in the arena crazy.

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