Jake Paul offers millionaire sum to UFC veterans to accept MMA duel

Digital influencer shows anxiety about debuting in MMA and claims that fighters are hiding from possible confrontation

Jake Paul signed a contract with the PFL in 2023. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Known for being the tormentor of former MMA fighters who decided to switch to boxing, Jake Paul demonstrates that he is willing to face athletes under the rules of mixed martial arts. Despite being scheduled to face Mike Tyson on July 20, the digital influencer dared and proposed a million-dollar grant to face Nate diaz ou Jorge masvidal at PFL.

“I'm very serious when I say I want to fight them in MMA. Either Masvidal or Diaz, in the PFL, a $10 million offer for either of those guys. Once again, they will literally hide behind the fact. Masvidal: 'You don't even know how to box. What the fuck are you going to do coming to MMA, bro? I'm from Miami, Florida! F*ck you, don’t disrespect me,” Jake said on his podcast.


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As you continue speaking, Jake Paul also mentioned names like Paddy Pimblett e Sean Strickland, which today belong to the UFC.

“Damn bird brain, that’s what he hides behind. The same goes for Paddy (Pimblett), Sean Strickland, all these guys hide behind this crazy stuff, but yet none of them show up at the table to talk about anything that will actually make something happen for a real fight. So the offer still stands. I want any of these guys in MMA,” he concluded.

Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in a boxing duel (Photo: Instagram/JakePaul)

Jake Paul derrotou Nate diaz in a boxing duel (Photo: Instagram/JakePaul)

Towards one of his biggest fights as a boxer, Jake Paul prepares for duel against Mike Tyson, which will be held in Saudi Arabia. The clash will be on July 20th. Despite remaining in boxing, the fighter has a contract with the PFL and is awaiting the ideal date to make his MMA debut.


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