With Max Holloway in the spotlight, UFC remembers frightening knockouts in the organization; watch

Company brings together overwhelming outcomes that have occurred over the last few years

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Max Holloway in knockout over Justin gaethje (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

The frightening outcome starring Max Holloway in dispute against Justin gaethje No. UFC 300 continues to give something to talk about in the world of MMA. To enhance the Hawaiian's achievement, the Ultimate team put together a series of brutal knockouts in recent years. Interestingly, there are no Brazilians in the lineup.

In total, five 'run overs' in the octagon were selected. Check it out below:


1) Yair Rodriguez x Korean Zombie (2018)

The first video listed represented the overwhelming knockout of Yair Rodriguez against Korean zombie. On that occasion, the Mexican promoted one of the company's biggest comebacks, winning at the last second a clash in which he was largely dominated by his rival in the previous rounds.

2) Jorge Masvidal x Ben Askren (2019)

Former UFC welterweight (up to 77,1kg) standout, Jorge masvidal was responsible for one of the company's main knockouts. In 2019, the athlete was selected to face the previously undefeated Ben Askren, former champion in Bellator and ONE Championship. The clash, however, was ended in just five seconds, after the 'changer' landed a clean flying knee to his rival's face.


3) Cheik Kongo x Pat Barry (2011)

Protagonist of an event held in 2011, Cheik Kongo's heroic victory is still remembered today by UFC's oldest fans. Facing Pat Barry, the fighter came close to being knocked out on two occasions, but survived real punishment and reversed the fight by putting out his opponent with a saving blow. It all happened in the first round.

4) Leon Edwards x Kamaru Usman (2022)

In 2022, Leon edwards had the hard duty of dethroning Kamaru Usman competing for the welterweight title (under 77,1kg). The Englishman, however, encountered difficulties throughout the almost five rounds played and, at times, became easy prey for the then champion. The challenger, however, was rewarded for not giving up and, with a precise high kick, led the Nigerian to an immediate knockout, taking over the throne of the category.

5) Max Holloway x Justin Gaethje (2024)

Finally, Ultimate recalled the historic abuse of Max Holloway about Justin gaethje. Both were competing for the 'BMF' title in UFC 300. The Hawaiian, who was putting up an impeccable challenge, 'called his rival into a fight' in the final seconds and ended up scoring a frightening knockout.

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