Jamahal Hill opens up about the game and reveals whether the referee hindered him before his knockout against Alex Poatan at UFC 300

Victim of Brazilian champion in devastating outcome analyzes scene that took on controversial tones after the historic event


Jamahal hill was knocked out by Alex Poatán No. UFC 300 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Jamahal hillFinally, the silence was broken! The North American, who was brutally knocked out by Alex Poatán No. UFC 300, on the 13th, spoke about the setback against the Brazilian. Sincerely, the fighter opened the game and analyzed the performance of referee Herb Dean, who received criticism for stopping the fight and turning back after a blow to the then challenger for the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg.).

“There is something that people are talking about, raising a controversy about Herb Dean's stoppage. I kicked Alex (Poatan) in the hip and it looked like a low blow. I'll talk about this just once: 'just protect yourself at all times'. That's what referees say. The knockout happened honestly. Nothing happened. The referee did what had to be done. When I was knocked out, I remember everything. I remember seeing Alex's legs, trying to defend. I was conscious the whole time and I'm not going to make excuses. I’m going to put that into the next fight,” declared Hill, on his channel YouTube.


Brutalized in the first round, Jamahal saw positive points in the challenge against the Brazilian star. The athlete admitted that, moments before the outcome on the fast track, he strictly followed the outlined strategy.

“I didn't really talk about the fight against Alex Poatán since I suffered the knockout. I'm getting on with life, moving forward since the defeat. I felt really good in the fight. I was going up and doing what I planned. I was moving, controlling the distance, the positions. Everything worked. I landed good leg kicks, I found the distance of the kicks. I connected with some straight shots, kicks, good punches with my right hand and I was starting to get into the rhythm of the fight,” said the American.


Finally, the former light heavyweight champion countered criticism about the way he provoked Poatan throughout the days leading up to the fight at UFC 300. Despite the emblematic defeat, the North American promises to seek another confrontation with the Brazilian star.

“Some people didn't like how I sold the fight, they didn't like the 'trash talking' (provocations), from me personally. This is irrelevant. I learned my lesson. I am back. I want Alex. I want that fight again”, he concluded Jamahal hill.


Hill begins road to rematch against Poatan at UFC 303

In the search for redemption, Jamahal hill I didn't care about rest. The athlete has a date and opponent for his next engagement in the octagon.

Days after the stumble against Poatan, the fighter confirmed the challenge against Khalil rountree. The clash takes place on June 29th, at UFC 303.

Current number three in the light heavyweight division, the athlete, in addition to trying to get back on the path to victory, defends his position in the top 5 against a rival who is experiencing a clear rise in the group. With an eye on a future title fight and riding on five consecutive victories, Jamahal's rival occupies eighth place in the category.


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