Stephen Thompson rules out 'dream fight' against UFC star and reveals unusual reason

North American recognizes chances of having a 'boring fight' against Michael Page, an athlete recently hired by the organization

Stephen Thompson don't want to face Michael Page Next. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Known for his unique style during MMA fights, Stephen Thompson sparks interest among fans in watching him against a new UFC star, Michael Page. Despite recognizing that both athletes have striking and different characteristics, the former challenger for the welterweight title (up to 77,1 kg.) believes that it would not be interesting to carry out the 'dream fight'.

“Even when he was in Bellator, everyone said 'we want the Michael Page against Wonderboy'. Great performance, I think he does a very good job. Distance management, covering the gap, being complicated, especially with someone like Kevin holland. But, you know, everyone asks this and I think actually Michael 'Venom' Page said it really well, a positive and a positive doesn't always make a positive. We have very similar styles and it could be a very boring fight for everyone”, said Thompson in an interview with InsideFighting.


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When he continued his speech, Thompson recognized the athlete's great moment and reinforced his lack of interest in holding a confrontation.

“We are both counterpunchers, with very similar styles, so it's possible that he and I are just standing in the middle, waiting for someone to do something, and although we have similar styles, that doesn't always make the fight exciting. So he's a good friend of mine, good martial artist, karateka. At this point, I don't think it's necessary, but he's going to continue climbing the career ladder and maybe even overtake me to fight some of these guys, because he's on a fame train at the moment,” he concluded.


Michael Page (left) in victory over K. Holland in the UFC 299. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Current 13th place in the welterweight rankings, Michael Page debuted with a great victory over Kevin holland and now expects to fight for the title in the organization. On the other hand, Thompson is approaching retirement after turning 41 and suffering two setbacks in his last three appearances.


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