Chael Sonnen rejects Daniel Cormier's suggestion and minimizes the importance of a duel between McGregor and Chandler

The current commentator diminished the importance of the confrontation by recalling the recent history of defeats between the two fighters

C. McGregor (left) alongside M. Chandler (right) in an episode of TUF 31. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Chael Sonnen strongly disagreed with the idea of Daniel Cormier about the creation of a new belt for the duel between Conor McGregor e Michael chandler. In a statement on his podcast, the former challenger for the middleweight belt (up to 83,9kg) said that the former Bellator does not deserve such an honor from the organization and recalled the recent record of defeats between the two fighters.

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“I believe that if they are going to do a division up to 74,8kg, there should be a big name that catches people's attention. Conor McGregor that would be the name. Michael chandler, on the other hand, would benefit from being in the right place at the right time. That’s my take on it,” Sonnen said.


Chael also emphasized the sequence of defeats that McGregor and Chandler have been facing and even cited a possible ban from the Athletic Commissions.

“There is no need for a title at 74,8kg. First, the commission will not sanction fights in this weight range. Second, the UFC does not have this division on its roster. Other things: These guys together are coming off more defeats than I have had in my entire career”, concluded the former middleweight challenger.


After much controversy and exchange of provocations on social media, Conor McGregor e Michael chandler They finally have a date set to share the Octagon. The two fighters will compete in the main fight of the UFC 303, which takes place on June 29th, in Las Vegas (USA).

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